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March 2009

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queenpeladon in rightonicons

Lucy Lawless

Thank you for your comments; please credit rightonicons!

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When were those taken? Before she turned blonde, or has she since switched back?

Lucy is a wonderful actress who apparently will be haunted by Xena's ghost for the rest of her career. I wish someone would cast her in a romantic comedy, so she can employ a facet of her talent that's been underused.
I believe these are all from around the time Xena was in production.

I think her talent would be served better in something other than a rom com, to be honest.
Wasn't that the FHM shoot?
The images are from a variety of different shoots.
I definitely agree, Lucy is an amazing actress. Very underrated, I want to see her in more movies. She is an unknown actress since she began Xena and yet she was being offered roles, and A-List roles, something that only A-list stars get the privilege of. She turned down all of them (Jean Grey on X-Men, Wonder Woman just about every year or so, etc). I understand she doesn't want to get type cast, but for myself reasons I wish she'd take them anyway :P She turned down when Peter Jackson asked her to audition for Galadriel but she was pregnant at the time and didn't want to stall production. Just about everyone in The Lord of the Rings was in Hercules and Xena, is New Zealand really that small? :P

The photoshoots are from Maxim, FHM, Fresh and a few others I don't know the name of. I have them at my gallery here.
Mmmmm oh gorgeous icons!!

Very lovely.
Took quite a few, because she is so damn gorgeous. Any chance of some Renee O'Connor ones, too? [lol]

These are great <3
Definitely, if I can find a good image gallery! (Know of any?)

See what you can find at these places. I am a bit of a Renee-fan, so I have pics if you'd like some ;)

I loooove number 5 and 6. The coloring/cropping is hella good.
Stunning! Beautiful icons. Love the one with the apple. ;) So hot! xX